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RKC consulting is the brainchild of; professional Surveyor, Aviator & Businessman, Robin Kock.
Robin brings to this consulting firm over 25 years’ experience in the mine surveying, RPAS & Aviation industries and is known for providing advice, training, and mentorship in all aspects of surveying knowledge for developing projects, survey audits and operating of drones in mines.

Everyone that knows Robin will be able to tell you that he is a man that strives to maintain the 
professionalism in the survey industry by encouraging and running courses on Photogrammetry & Aerial Survey. 
He is involved with the Institute of Mine Surveyors of Southern Africa, and have also taken part in work 
groups reviewing the chapters in the Mining Health & Safety act.
Robin, who is the C.E.O & Managing Director of Premier Mapping Africa, a family business since 1983 
believes in the upliftment of youth and affording the right tools to these young men and woman who have entered the world of Survey. Hence the reasoning for him to start this consulting firm as a independent consultant.
His ideal is to slowly phase the new transition of young professionals into Premier Mapping Africa.
By doing this it allows for the succession planning that he has in mind for his ever-growing company to
achieve greater heights and open doorways to Team Premier. 

Robin will continue his work in Premier Mapping Africa who will work hand in hand with RKC consulting. 

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